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So apparently my body has decided that as a present for April fool's day it needs me awake for the whole day to experience it fully.

I haven't slept at all.

Which would be fine except it's not because I'm really tired and would like to sleep. Please.

ALSO, I would really like to sign up for the Dean/Cas BB but I've never written more than 6000 words for a single story and to be completely honest, it might have really just been 6000 words of porn with the premise of plot in order to get more porn in (hint:it was).

AND, Fuck April fool's day. By 9am I've already been had like 4 times and I haven't even left the house yet   -__-

ON THE OTHER HAND, this is awesome: http://www.therandomact.org/
Click it. You won't regret it. Well, maybe a little but it's the nice kind of shame.